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Lean Practitioner Program

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Key highlights / Benefits from this program

  • Famous and successful worldwide certification: over 3000 people trained so far
  • Based on strong lean bases: part of the University of Barcelona postgraduate MSc program
  • Developed by 18 different countries  – take into account all relevant local factors
  • PDCA evolution of training itself
  • No limits of application for different fields of business – service, production, banking,..
  • Strict criteria to achieve certification – real proof of understanding and ability to bring benefits
  • Program is paid by itself – to be selected project with minimum benefit as the cost
Basic information

I. Who we are – Lean Global Network (LGN)

LGN is a community of lean thought leaders and practitioners with the goal of making things better by advancing lean thinking and support lean transformation around the World through education, coaching, action research, events and learning materials. Founded by Jim Womack and Dan Jones in 2007 with Headquarters in Boston, USA. Today, LGN is comprised of 30 institutes or partners and dozens of co-learning partners across the globe: http://leanglobal.org/affiliates/

Our definition of Lean Thinking & Practice:

Systematically develop people and continuously improve processes to provide value and prosperity while consuming the fewest possible resources.

II. The Lean Practitioner Program (LPP)

The 10 days  Lean Practitioner Program was developed by the 18 LGN Affiliates as a certification program to combine the knowledge and skill development and to respond to the companies’ challenges on their lean journey. Providing this course we also generate new lean knowledge and share with other lean practitioners in the spirit of continuous improvement and PDCA and to further develop the LGN Lean Practitioner Program.

This curriculum is also part of the University of Barcelona postgraduate MSc program (Organization and Engineering of Industrial Plant Production and Management (ENGIPLANT).


1st – 2nd days:     27-28th October

3rd-4th days:        10-11th November

5-6th days:           24-25th November

7-8th days:           8-9th December

Coaching day:    12th January 2022

Closing day:        9th February 2022

Where? 2 host companies (Slovakia – Syráreň Bel Slovensko / Hungary-Renault-Nissan European distribution center)

Who? Anyone who want to achieve impressive improvements in your business in a Lean way: teamleaders, process engineers, CEOs, production managers, branch managers,..

Price: 3.000 Eur* / participant / certification (*we are not VAT payer, price is total)

Price includes: Certified trainer, Printed certificate, Books for mandatory reading, coaching support, catering (coffee breaks, lunches)

Payment condition: Full prices to be payed maximum 1 month before realization of first day of LPP, official order necessary

  1. 13 training modules in 10 days (2+2+2+2+1+1) in about 4 months duration
  2. Homework between each set of training days
  3. Additional readings (mandatory and suggested)
  4. Project execution
  5. Exam (theory and application) 
  6. Project Presentation
History of leanWhere does lean come fromDay 1-2
Intro to leanWhat is lean; Toyota Principles; The 5 principles
Intro to Problem SolvingProblem Solving; PDCA process; A3 framework
Time definitionsCustomer time definitions; Process time definitions;
Equipment time definitions; Operator time definitions
StabilityOEE measure; Six Losses; Capacity analysisDay 3
JIDOKAConcept; Importance of JIDOKA; Implementation method
Standard Work and Job InstructionsConcept; Simulation of a Job Instruction; Standard Work Study; Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED)Day 4
Value Stream Mapping (VSM) & Just In Time (JIT)Concept; Current state – Value Stream Map (as is)Future state – Value Stream Map (to be); SimulationDay 5
Visual ManagementConcept; Workplace organization; Visual signals;
Visual measures; Visual controls
Day 6
A3 and Problem solvingA3 framework; Plan phase; Do phase; Check-Act phaseDay 7
Supplying the processRight information; Right material; Right quantity; Right place;
Right time
Day 8
KaizenPurpose of Kaizen; Kaizen and People; Kaizen and Process; Outcomes
Project with A3CoachingDay 9
Exam / Project presentationTheory and applicationDay 10

Mandatory readings

Suggested readings


Certification of the Program

This certification in lean studies is equivalent with the Six Sigma Green Belt level.

What do we mean by certification?

  • By certification we acknowledge that the participant has shown that he/she understands the lean system and is able to apply the methods and tools at a practitioner level

What will be certified?

  • Knowledge of the theory (from the mandatory readings and the presented material)
  • Skills in applying lean in a project (foundations to run a project, run kaizens, transfer knowledge to others, change management)

How is realized certification process?

  • The certification consists of a written exam (1 hr; 10 open questions) and a presentation and discussion of the project work presented on A3 paper (1.5 to 2 hours)

Competencies acquired from the program

  • Ability to identify value and waste
  • Skills in leading and conducting PDCA and Kaizen
  • Understand the importance of time (takt time, cycle time, etc.) and calculate them
  • Ability to break down the work, recognize the elements and time, balance work and create standard work
  • Understand and draw the current state value stream, find the improvement opportunities and create future state
  • Understand the FLOW and PULL concepts
  • Understand and improve efficiency (OEE) including improving available working time and understanding the importance and process of set up reduction
  • Create a daily performance board and use it as an improvement tool
  • Understand and implement 5S
  • Create visual management system
  • Create and present A3, Create and prioritize action plan
  • Basic design and implementation of a JIT system
  • Create Plan For Every Part (PFEP)

Requirements of the project the participant has to deliver for certification 

  • The project has to be ‘end-to-end’ based on a real business challenge and had an impact
  • It has to be structured following the A3 structure (you may present multiple A3s if it is appropriate)
  • The elements of the Toyota Business System should be used in the project
  • As well as running a project, the participant should be able to engage other people in their project, transfer knowledge and create a sustainable situation
  • Participant should be able to have a significant influence on the project


27 okt 2021 - 09 feb 2022

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